Online Learning for Students: How to get Full-Text Access

A research guide to help faculty and students find, access, and navigate online materials available through the library
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How to get to full-text

Sometimes when you click on an eBook or article - there won't be a PDF icon or an HTML link. Don't worry - there are a few options to find the full text of what you want. 

Often, there might be a blue and yellow "Findit@MU" button that will help you locate the item you want. Or you can search for the specific journal or eBook title in MarqCat, our library catalog. If Marquette does not own a particular item, you can request that item through interlibrary loan. See boxes below on Findit@MU, searching in MarqCat, and interlibrary loan.  

Getting the Articles

Two common ways to find out if the Libraries have access to the articles you need:

1) You are searching in an article database, but it doesn't have the full-text:  

Click on  Findit@MU button in the article citation. Another window / tab opens with two possible options:

  • Links indicating Find it @MU may have located one or more sources for full text of the article. Click on the links and follow the trail to the article. 
  • Links to search MARQCAT by the journal title or its ISSN number. The journal may be available in print or electronically through a source not searchable by Find it @MU.

2) You already have a specific citation and aren't currently searching in a database:

  • Search for the journal title in MARQCAT, the library catalog;
  • Do not search the title or author of the article, MARQCAT doesn't contain article level information.

The MARQCAT record will indicate what years we have in print and/or online, providing call number locations for the print and links to the e-journal.  Once at the e-journal, navigate to the volume, issue and page that you need.


Didn't find the article/journal using Find it @MU or MARQCAT?  Request the article through Interlibrary Loan (ILL) by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Find it @MU window or tab.  Learn more about ILL here.

Ever wonder why the full-text isn't there?  Watch this short video about the Business of Information.

Findit@MU Overview (4:05)

Interlibrary Loan

The Libraries provide access to the collections of libraries around the world through our Interlibrary Loan services.  Most transactions can be done entirely online through our online ILLiad service.  full information can be found at the Interlibrary Loan site:

Interlibrary Loan Introduction video (6:23) Captions available.