Online Learning for Students: How to "Research"

A research guide to help faculty and students find, access, and navigate online materials available through the library
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How to Research -- Research 101 Guide

Below is a link to our "Research 101" guide. We recommend that you take some time to browse through the resources in that guide. This will take you through the research process from preparation to citing your sources. There are great graphics, explanation of research topics and terms, and videos.

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If you're having an issue finding or accessing online materials or need research support - ask us! Librarians from the information desk and the digital scholarship lab are working remotely to help you. 

Use our 24/7 chat box (yes, it's really 24/7! you can find it on our homepage).

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Or you can schedule a remote research appointment with a research librarian or a digital scholarship librarian- see the links below.