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A research guide to help faculty and students find, access, and navigate online materials available through the library
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Why Are Citations Important?

Your professors will ask you to create a "Works Cited," or a "Bibliography," of resources that you referenced or cited in your research projects. 

It is important to acknowledge the work of scholars who came before you. And now that you are using their materials, you are part of the scholarly conversation

Sometimes students will run across an item they need to cite and it doesn't quite "fit" the example situations. We recommend: 

  • check out the research guides below - they link to really great help resources! 
  • google it! Yes! See if your formatting question popped up in a citation style blog or other research guide 
  • check in with your professor - how do they want this source formatted? 
  • Ask us! Our 24/7 chat is great for citation questions. 

Citation Resources

What is a Citation Manage and Which One Should I Use?

Citation manager software allows you to organize your citations - they can create bibliographies for you. It can be really handy when you are dealing with a lot of citations or need a little help with the right place to insert that comma or period. You can easily change citation styles (from MLA to APA back to MLA in a few seconds!). Many also offer the ability to organize materials and citations into folders. 

Marquette subscribes to several citation managers including RefWorks and EndNote Basic. In addition to these, there are other free web-based citation managers such as Zotero.

While all of these options are available to members of the Marquette community, they are not all the same and may not be suitable to your needs.

Open the Word file linked below to see a comparison of the features of Zotero, EndNote, EndNote Web, and RefWorks.

Citation Manager Programs