Online Learning for Students: Where to Search

A research guide to help faculty and students find, access, and navigate online materials available through the library
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Where to Search?

We recommend different tools depending on the kind of research you're doing and where you are in the research process.

When you are starting your research, we recommend some great initial exploratory tools like: MarqCat+ and multidisciplinary databases 

When you are moving to more specific topics, we recommend advanced research tools like: subject specific databases, MarqCat, or eBooks 


Multidisciplinary Databases - great for exploratory research

Multidisciplinary databases are great ways to explore a topic from several different perspectives when you're starting your research. 

Basic Search Tool - MARQCATplus Search

MARQCATplus is another great tool when you are starting out.  MarqCatplus offers a selection of articles, eBooks, books, streaming videos, and more that can be found in our catalog or in some of our databases. It offers a wide selection of options and an easy-to-use search interface. Check out the filters and limit options. 


After You've Done Some Initial Searching - What's Next?

When you move beyond the exploratory research process, start searching in subject-specific databases or looking for eBooks.

Subject Specific Databases

Subject specific databases will contain articles or materials around a specific subject or discipline - this is great when you want to find more relevant results for your research topic.

Databases by Subject:  This drop down menu connects you to a list of databases we offer in a single subject area.  Then you can choose a database to search in.  This is the most comprehensive listing of what we have:  there are over 500 individual databases!


All Databases:  The link below connects you to a list of all databases that we offer.

Where to Find Library eBooks

You can search our library catalog (MarqCat) or search our eBook collection databases. 

Most of our e-books can be found in MarqCat. There is a selection of e-books that can only be found in the vendor platform and are not cross-indexed in our library catalog. 

Below are links to multidisciplinary eBook databases - EBSCO, ProQuest, and Gale eBooks. They're great for initial searches because they contain broad subject areas. 

For more subject specific eBooks: We have a wide array of other vendors that offer more niche subject areas. Please see the link below that links to our e-books databases.


MarqCat is our library catalog - it contains databases, videos, book, eBooks, and more.


Tools: Advanced Search

Keyword Search in MARQCAT:

Identify words or phrases that represent the main ideas in your topic and enter into the quick keyword box.

Advanced Keyword search:

Try the words as "Any Field" searches for widest retrieval (this works like a keyword search)

Try the same words as "Subject" searches, then use the catalog's suggested headings

Limit results to "Online" to find eBooks