Online Learning for Students: Getting Started

A research guide to help faculty and students find, access, and navigate online materials available through the library
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What is available to online learners?

Online students and faculty have access to most of the same resources and support from Marquette University that are available to students and teachers on-campus. All you need is your CheckMarq username and password (the same as you use for email and D2L). 

Our online resources include: 

  • E-books, articles in online journals and magazines, and many more databases in a variety of fields
  • Access to quality research and reference help from librarians 
  • Scans of items from our print collection through the interlibrary loan portal 

Getting Access to Library Materials

  1. Off-Campus Access and the Authentication process: To access online materials, the vendors need to know that you're affiliated with Marquette.  A process called authentication tells them that. There are two modes of authentication: Library login and the VPN. Learn more about this below. 
  2. Getting to the online resources. You can also find all of our resources from the libraries' homepage.
  3. Register for distance services.  Learn more about distance services. Please note that due to limited library resources during COVID-19, the library may not be able to provide all of these services. 

Video - Overview of the Library Homepage

This short video (2:14) goes over the major features of the library's homepage. 

Library Login - Authentication

You can access MOST library materials using Library Login without the VPN

If you select a database from the A-Z list or click on an item from the library catalog, you will be directed to this screen. Enter your Marqnet credentials (what you use for Checkmarq). After you input your credentials, you will be directed to the resource you wanted. 

VPN - Authentication

GlobalProtect VPN login window

The VPN requires you to download an app onto both your cell phone and your computer.  It is much more reliable during times of heavy internet traffic, and is well worth the necessary setup time. Outline of the steps required for the VPN:

Find detailed VPN instructions here.

  1. Email ITS ( to ask for "the VPN registration invitation email".
  2. When you receive that email invitation, register for Duo Mobile.
  3. Download the Duo Mobile app onto your cell phone. Make sure you allow push notifications for it.
  4. Download the GlobalProtect app onto your computer.