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Recently, Proquest (producer of RefWorks) made a recent announcement regarding the future of RefWorks.  In the coming year, Proquest will be revamping the program, improving it by adding new features and abilities.  RefWorks as we know it will be replaced by a Proquest program previously called Flow but is now being referred to as the New RefWorks.

The New RefWorks will allow you to store bibliographic citations and articles from periodical databases but it will have new features such as being able to enter a PDF article into the program and have the program automatically create a record for the item with the appropriate information.

You can begin exploring the new program by creating a new free account in the New RefWorks .  You are able to copy your current RefWorks records into your New RefWorks account in order to familiarize yourself with the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Marquette Raynor Memorial Libraries will not  be making the change to the New RefWorks until later in the year.  We will be sure to give advance notice as to when the change takes place.

New RefWorks Research Guide

New RefWorks Help Guide