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Importing/Exporting References

To view instructions on how to transfer records from library article databases into your RefWorks account, find your database below and then click on the supplier/vendor name to the right.

Most databases have TWO sets of instructions for how to move database records into RefWorks:

  1. Direct Export
    • Use this method if available.
    • Quickest & easiest
  2. Manual Export
    • Requires a few more steps, usually saving the records from the database as a .txt document, the going into RefWorks and importing the records from the saved document.

If you are OFF-CAMPUS, you should download and install the campus VPN software on your machine. If you do not use the VPN for RefWorks, you will need to do manual exports and follow the additional instructions on the Off-Campus tab.

Databases M-Z

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List of Supported Databases with Vendor

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