Learning Objects: ADPR: Interpreting Consumer Survey Datasets in Mediamark Reporter

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ADPR: Interpreting Consumer Survey Datasets

These three tutorials cover the following topics - (1) an introduction to consumer survey datasets, (2) how to read the variables in the datasets, (3) how to use the variables in the datasets. The examples are done using Gfk MRI Survey of the American Consumer University Reporter (formerly Mediamark). The same techniques can also be used with Simmons OneView (National Consumer Study).

DIRECT LINK: https://youtu.be/s62ZH__NRDg?list=PL9aBw-X1VSzofNEh5-BpRtTD-99PAvPdL

Part 1 - An Introduction to Consumer Survey Datasets

Part 2 - How to Read the Variables

Part 3 - Using the Variables