Learning Objects: Information Literacy Lessons for D2L

Repository of Marquette created digital learning objects.

List of Lessons

The Marquette Raynor Memorial Libraries is part of the The New Literacies Alliance (NLA), a dynamic consortial curricular project led by librarians from K-State and KUMC. The purpose of the consortium is to address the new literacies required for academic success and lifelong learning in a cutting edge online learning platform that allows students to master skills at their own pace.

NLA has developed a series of short lessons that cover rudimentary concepts of information literacy. These lessons can be easily added as links in your D2L course site.

Although the lessons can be given as stand alone activities, they should be paired with an assignment or research/creative project for best results.

If you would like to work with NLA to create additional literacy lessons please contact Marquette's NLA liaison.

You may also find the Marquette created interactive information literacy tutorials useful too.

Reading Scientific Research

  • Explores best practices for reading research papers and other scholarly publications.
  • Link for D2L:https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/IX69KBqZsruvfz/html

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)

  • Explains Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and why it is heavily used in the health sciences.
  • Link for D2L:https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/y9EH1lDdAW76JK/html


  • Examines how to acknowledge ideas of others and identify parts of a source to contribute to the scholarly conversation through the process of citation.
  • Link for D2L:https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/t9g0pxd3mYywVI/html

Access Matters

  • Explores information access barriers and their consequences.
  • Link for D2L:https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/OHqJ0V5bM8Bxp6/html

Scholarly Conversations

  • Learn five strategies for following a research conversation.
  • Link for D2L: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/puLXxFYUW8EKkH/html

Value of Information

  • How to identify the characteristics of information which contribute to its value.
  • Link for D2L: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/skB0347xcaIDbG/html

Question Authority

  • How authority is constructed and contextual and how the authority you seek changes based on the purpose of your research.
  • Link for D2L: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/z9RU6rMtunXm7a/html

Types of Information

  • Different types of information are used for different purposes; how to choose the right type.
  • Link for D2L: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/WtSUcpg6xNETyn/html

Ask the Right Questions

  • How to determine the scope of an investigation by creating proper research questions.
  • Link for D2L: https://www.softchalkcloud.com/lesson/serve/OM62a4Ui7bWouN/html