Learning Objects: How To Link to Library Materials

Repository of Marquette created digital learning objects.

Guided Tutorials for Linking to Library Materials

If an item you’ve identified for your course is available through our digital subscriptions, you can place a link to it directly into your D2L course site.

NOTE: Do not use a link copied directly from the address bar of your browser, as it may cease to work over time. Instead use a permanent link also called a durable link, a permalink, or a duralink. You normally have to click on a button to get this link - it is NOT the search bar URL.

The guided tutorials below will walk you through how to locate an article in ProQuest, OVID, JSTOR or EBSCO, locate the permanent link and add it to your D2L course site.

If you are off campus, you will need to be have the VPN running to access the databases in the tutorial.