FINA 5801 - Investment Banking: Comparable screening tools

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Here you'll find some instructions for using the comparable companies tools in Refinitive Workspace, and Mergent Online.

Refinitiv Workspace

First, make sure that you have an account for Refinitiv!  

After searching for Tesla, here's a screenshot showing how to get to the comparable screening tools:

Choose Sector Competitors to see comparable/competitor companies defined by either TRBC or GICS codes.  Notice the lone arrow to the left: it is pointing to the drop-down menu for other reports, other data.

Choose Peer Analysis (immediately above Sector Competitors) to create your own list of comparable/competitor companies, and select the variables you want to download.

Mergent Online

Mergent Online offers two separate ways to create comparable companies' lists:

  1. The report builder tab: allows you to compare companies within a NAICS, SIC or ICB code.
  2. The supply chain tab: allows you to compare companies via the FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification system which was designed for understanding the supply chain.

See the screenshots below the link to the database ...

The Report Builder tab:

The Supply Chain tab: