Database registrations: Refinitiv Workspace

Summary of registration process

  1. Complete request form for self-registration using your complete eMarq email address (
  2. Go to eMarq. From Refinitiv registration initiation email, click on link to registration form.
  3. Complete registration form.
  4. Wait for confirmation/welcome email in eMarq.
  5. Click on link in confirmation/ welcome email to complete the process.
  6. Create a password (separate from your MU password).

Important note:

You will receive TWO emails from Refinitiv, and must respond to BOTH of them. You may need to check your junk email folder.

Refinitiv Workspace Registration

Already registered?  Click below:

Once you're registered, you can bookmark the page linked below and go there directly.

Registration for an individual account is REQUIRED:

The registration process has multiple steps and can take 15-20 minutes to complete: please be patient.

For problems with registration, please send an email to memref @ . Please include some information about the problem(s) you experienced. 

Important note:

You will receive TWO emails from Refinitiv, and must respond to BOTH of them. You may need to check your junk email folder.

The Refinitiv registration process

Start here:


  1. Enter your Marquette email address ( and click on Next.
  2. Go to your MU email (eMarq) to find a registration initiation email from Refinitiv; click on link to registration form.
  3. Enter your first name and last name.
  4. Select a Reference (status) label: Faculty/staff, Grad Student, or UG student.
    Refinitiv Workspace registration status menu
  5. Under Product: check that WORKSPACE FOR STUDENTS is visible and selected.
  6. Under Add-on: select AMR FOR STUDENTS - USER LEVEL. (Screenshot below.)
    Refinitiv Workspace registration AMR add-on
  7. Check the Privacy statement box; click Register now.
  8. Go to your MU email (eMarq) and wait for confirmation/welcome email, understanding that this can take 5 - 20 minutes!
  9. Click on link in your welcome email to complete the registration process.
  10. Create a password.  This password is NOT linked to your MU ID password.
    Password requirements:  must include digits and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

After registration

Refinitiv Workspace access options menuTwo options after registration: app or web

  1. Download the desktop app (Windows and MacOS versions available; see screenshot at right)
  2. Open the database on the web (up-to-date versions of Chrome, Edge, and Safari are all supported). 

➤ The web version is sufficient for most users.

Desktop app vs. Web version: 

The only difference between the two versions is that the desktop app will automatically also download an Excel plug-in that allows dynamically updated spreadsheets.  More info about the Excel plug-in below.

Requirements for the desktop app:

On the page linked below you can find:

  –  System requirements for the Refinitiv Workspace desktop apps
  –  A downloadable test to verify your computer's compatibility
  –  The downloads for both Windows and MacOS

Changed your mind?

If you start with the web version and later want to download the desktop app, you can!  Go to the page linked above.

The Excel plug-in


The Excel plug-in only has full functionality on a PC; the Mac Excel plug-in does NOT have the same functionality. 

Time-series downloads:

You need the Excel plug-in for time-series data downloads.  Time-series downloads are not practical using either the desktop apps or web access versions.  

Training and help

Technical support:

For help with problems that require technical support from Refinitiv, students and faculty must go through a librarian – only the librarian is allowed to contact Refinitiv for technical support (it's in our contract!). 

Please contact memref @ with information and details about your problem.  

Training resources: