FINA 5801 - Investment Banking: M&A transaction

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Precedent transactions

Your charge:  look at what acquisitions the comparable companies have made, when, and how much money was involved.

For this, use the M&A Deals module in Thomson ONE.

Instructions for Thomson ONE M&A Deals module

Here are some screenshots to help you get into it.

Thomson ONE Screening & Analysis - initial hover menu to get to M&A Deals

  1. Move your cursor to hover over the Screening & Analysis menu.
  2. When the dropdown menu appears, move your cursor to hover over the right side of the menu (where the arrows are).
  3. Hover over the right side of Deals & League Tables
  4. When the submenu appears, hover over the right side of M&A
  5. When the next submenu appears, select Advanced Search.

The M&A Advanced Search menu looks like this:

Thomson ONE M&A Deals Advanced Search menu

In the screenshot above, I have already opened up the menus in the left window.  When you click an item, that will open a second popup window that allows you to enter your search terms.