FINA 5801 - Investment Banking: Company Financials

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Currently, Refinitiv Workspace is the best bet for downloading financial data for companies.

Note: It requires creating an individual account, a process that takes about 20 minutes and includes receiving and acting upon two separate emails.

Historical Financials

Here's a screenshot of that menu, and notes about it:

  1. Once you've searched for Tesla, look in the lighter gray menu for the Financials tab.
  2. There you can see the different parts of the Financials.
  3. Notice the Filters area on the left. There are several filters you could apply, e.g. number of periods to display and download, text size, etc.
  4. Company Specific vs. Standardized:  in general Standardized is the default. Standardized allows you to more easily compare financials for different companies. (Company Specific means "as reported by the company", with no accommodation made for the accounting rules that the company uses.) 
  5. Click the Update View button to apply your selections and changes
  6. Look for the Excel icon off to the right to download the data.

Projected financial information

Once there, here's the submenu and notes:

  1. Once you've found Tesla, go to the Estimates tab.
  2. Click on Statement View.
  3. Choose All Measures.
  4. Click on the Excel icon to the right to download.