Psychological Tests and Measures: Get a Copy of the Test

Need an assessment tool? This guide will help you identify tools to assess various conditions and obtain a copy to use.
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Getting the test

Obtaining a copy of a test can take time and may be problematic. Tests and other measurement tools are generally considered either 'published' or 'unpublished'.
Published. Generally commercially available, thus you may need to purchase a copy or obtain permission from the publisher. Many tests require professional credentials or oversight to administer.
Unpublished. Unless specified otherwise, obtain permission from author to use. Copies of tools can sometimes be found in books, journal articles or other collections and can be reproduced.

Permission to use: all testing tools are considered copyrighted, thus you must obtain permission from the copyright holder before using the tool.

MU Test Collections

Marquette Libraries do not maintain a collection of of published tests. A collection of 'unpublished' tests is available:

Tests in Microfiche. 1974-2004. Raynor Library, Lower Level, Media and Reserves Room MICROFICHE G-845
Copies of over 1000 unpublished assessment tools in microfiche format, updated annually. Tools in this collection may be reproduced with proper attribution; other permitted uses are explained on the fiche.

Identify these tests using the ETS TestLink below.

The record has 'TIM' in the Test Acronym field or 'Tests in Microfiche' in the Availability field.  The Call Number field provides the number of the fiche on which the test is reproduced, e.g. TC 210655. Print index of tests in this collection in Reference Collection LB 3051 .T45

MU owns many books in the following index produced by University of Texas at Austin.

See also the books listed in the Books About... tab on this guide. Many contain sample or copies of tests.

If you use a test from any of the above sources, 'permission to use' may be implied. Check the usage/agreement/license statement if there is one. For obtaining permission and/or copies of tests from other sources see the box below.

Obtaining Permission to Use

Obtaining permission to use an assessment tool is essential and may take time to accomplish.

'Published' tools are generally available from the publisher and may require professional credentials or supervision to administer. Contact information for publishers can be located in TiP, MMY, TestLink or HaPI.  ETS sells copies of tests, see below.

Permission to use 'unpublished' tools is generally sought from the author/creator of the tool. Current contact information for authors is sometimes more difficult to ascertain. Begin with the information in the sources listed in the 'Finding' sources like MMY, try additional online directories, Google, etc.

Behavioral Measurement Database Services (BMDS), which produces the HaPI database, offers a fee-based service to obtain a copy of a tool or seek permission from authors on your behalf. Prices range from $20 and up and can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Contact BMDS at 412-687-5213 or email at

ETS Store Some tools can be purchase through the Educational Testing Service Tests on Demand service. Most are available in pdf format and down-loadable upon payment. Cost is $25 per test. Caution: many are available free in MU's Tests in Microfiche collection, see details above. (Note: these are tests developed by other entities, NOT ETS's own tests e.g. SAT, GRE, etc.)