Psychological Tests and Measures: Tests for Social, Cultural, Educational Issues

Need an assessment tool? This guide will help you identify tools to assess various conditions and obtain a copy to use.
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Measurement tools for Social, Cultural, Educational Assessment

In addition to scholarly discussions of measurement, most of these books also contain examples of measurement tools.

Raynor Reference P 91.3 .C62 1994
Communication research measures: a sourcebook. Rubin, R. B. et al.
Brief profiles of 62 measures; include validity and reliability, administering and a copy of the scale.

Raynor Reference HD 6955 .C66 1981
The Experience of Work: a compendium and review of 249 measures and their use

Memorial 4th Floor Upper HM 786 .F54 2002
Taking the Measure of Work : a guide to validated scales for organizational research and diagnosis

Raynor Reference HM 253 .B43 1990
Gender roles: a handbook of tests and measures. Beere, C. A.
Brief descriptions of over 200 tools in broad categories: gender roles, stereotypes, etc.

BF 176 .H36 2008
Handbook of multicultural assessment :clinical, psychological, and educational applications. (3rd ed.) Suzuki, L. A. et al.
Current issues & use of the most popular psychological and educational measures with diverse populations.

HQ 60 .H36 1998
Handbook of sexuality-related measures. Davis, Clive M.
Reviews measures, organized by topic.  Includes the tests.

Raynor Reference BF 431 .L4543 2000
Handbook of tests and measurement in education and the social sciences. (2nd ed.) Lester, P. E. et al.
Psychometric information for 120+ instruments measuring constructs in education and the social sciences.

BF 176 .H37 1996
Handbook of tests and measurements for black populations. Jones, R. L.
Assembles and describes more than 100 tools developed for use with black populations.

Raynor Reference BF 698.4.M38 1991
Measures of personality and social psychological attitudes. Robinson, J. P. et al.
Covers scales focusing on attitude and personality, reproduces all or parts of tool.

JA 74.5 .M44 1999
Measures of political attitudes. Robinson, J. P. et al.
Includes reviews of dozen of tools measuring attitudes in various political categories.

BR 110 .M43 1999
Measures of religiosity. Hill, P. C. et al.
Describe many types of scales measuring various aspects of the psychology of religion.

Measuring bullying victimization, perpetration, and bystander experiences [electronic resource] : a compendium of assessment tools
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Division of Violence Prevention, 2011.
Contains 33 tools to measure a range of bullying experiences: bully perpetration, bully victimization, bully-victim experiences, and bystander experiences.

HQ 1061 .R44 v. 1-3
Research instruments in social gerontology. Mangen, D. J. et al.
Reviews of 400 instruments measuring topics from demography to intelligence and personality.