Psychological Tests and Measures: Background on Testing & Measurement

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Background on Testing and Measurement

BF 176 .K575 2000    
Handbook of psychological testing. (2nd ed.)  Kline, P.
Covers psychometric theory, kinds of psychological tests, applied testing, & evaluation of the published tests.

H 62 .M44 2002    
Handbook of research design & social measurement. (6th ed.)  Miller, D. C. et al.
Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of design and analysis; Pt. 7 discusses specific scales and indexes.

LB 3051 .H3199 1997    
Handbook on testing.  Dillon, R. F.
Background on all aspects of testing.

BF 176 .L64 2001    
An introduction to psychological tests and scales. (2nd ed.)  Loewenthal, K. M.
Step-by-step guide to constructing reliable and valid measurement tools.

BF 176.A48 2003    
Psychological testing and assessment. (11th ed.)  Aiken, L. R.
Comprehensive background on construction and use of tests in psychological, educational, and employment settings.

BF 176 .M87 2001    
Psychological testing: principles and applications. (5th ed.)  Murphy, K. R. et al.
Covers theory, methods, and applications of psychological testing.

BF 39 .A433 1997    
Questionnaires and inventories: surveying opinions and assessing personality.  Aiken, L. R. et al.
Covers skills needed to construct assessment tools; disk contains programs for designing, constructing, administering, scoring, and evaluating all types of questionnaires and inventories.

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