Psychological Tests and Measures: Tests for Psychiatry, Disorders, Mental Health Issues

Need an assessment tool? This guide will help you identify tools to assess various conditions and obtain a copy to use.
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Measurement for Psychiatry, Disorders, Mental Health Issues

In addition to scholarly discussions of measurement, most of these books also contain examples of measurement tools.

Raynor Reference RC 386.6 .N48S67 2006  
Compendium of neuropsychological tests: administration, norms, and commentary. (3rd ed.)  Spreen, O. et al.
Description, administration and norms for general intelligence, attention and memory, language, visual and auditory, tactile, motor, and personality tests.

Raynor Reference RC 473 .P78 A46 2008 
Handbook of psychiatric measures. (2nd ed.)   American Psychiatric Association.
Reviews of measures on non-disorder specific conditions and DSM-IV categories.  CD ROM has examples.

BF 431 .M3514 1998  
Intelligence test desk reference (ITDR) :gf-gc cross-battery assessment.  McGrew, K. S. et al.
Covers intelligence testing theory; analysis of 8 major tools used in individual intelligence testing.

RC 531 .P73 2001 
Practitioner's guide to empirically based measures of anxiety.   Antony, M. M. et al.
Includes reviews of more than 200 instruments for measuring anxiety in adults.

RC 537 .P6924 2000 
Practitioner's guide to empirically based measures of depression.   Nezu, A. M.
Overviews some 90 key assessment tools for depression.  Includes reprints of tools.

Raynor Reference RC 473 .P78S357 2001  
Rating scales in mental health.  Sajatovic, M. et al.
Describes and reproduces over 80 rating scales useful in clinical and research settings.