Psychological Tests and Measures: Tests for Health Issues

Need an assessment tool? This guide will help you identify tools to assess various conditions and obtain a copy to use.
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Health Assessment

In addition to scholarly discussions of measurement, most of these books also contain examples of measurement tools.

HV 5279 .A8 2003
Assessing alcohol problems: a guide for clinicians and researchers. 2nd ed. Allen, J. P. et al.
Over 70 instruments used in alcoholism assessment and treatment.

GV 706.4 .D57 1996
Directory of psychological tests in the sport and exercise sciences. (2nd ed.) Ostrow, A. C.
Summaries of 314 psychological scales, questionnaires, and inventories, specific to sport and exercise settings.

RM 930.8 .F85 1997
Functional assessment and outcome measures for the rehabilitation health professional. Dittmar, S. S. et al.
Discussions instruments used to measure rehabilitation outcomes.

RT 48 .I57 2004
Instruments for clinical health-care research. (3rd ed.) Frank-Stromborg, M. et al.
Discusses measurement of a wide variety of health issues.

RT 85.5 .M434 2001 V. 1-3
Measurement of nursing outcomes. (2nd ed.)
Outcomes measurement tools & methods: Professional & Educational, Clinical, and Self Care & Coping.

R 727.4 .M4 2003 Redman, B. K.
Measurement tools in patient education. (2nd ed.) Waltz, C. F. et al.
Detailed description and discussion of multiple measurement tools.

Raynor Reference BF 176 .C66 2000
Measures for clinical practice :a sourcebook. (3rd ed.) Corcoran, K. et al.
Over 300 instruments for most common problems; vol. 1 couples, families and children, vol. 2 adults.

RA 407.W55 1992
Measures of need and outcome for primary health care. Wilkin, D. et al.
Measures of functioning, mental illness and health, social support, specific diseases, and patient satisfaction.

RA 408.5 .M38 2006
Measuring health: a guide to rating scales and questionnaires. (3rd ed.) McDowell, I. et al.
Eighty-eight measurements that evaluate health via questionnaires or rating scales are reviewed.

RA 407 .B69 2005
Measuring health: a review of quality of life measurement scales. (3rd ed.) Bowling, A.
Scales measuring broad health status psychological well-being, social networks, life satisfaction and morale.