Psychological Tests and Measures: Find Tests and Measures

Need an assessment tool? This guide will help you identify tools to assess various conditions and obtain a copy to use.
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Finding a test

The 'finding aids' listed below identify and review hundreds of different tests and measurement tools.  If you don't know of a specific test to use for your research, these tools will also help you identify what tests would be appropriate for your need. No one source is totally comprehensive, consult several for a wide variety of choices.

Finding Tests and Measures - Online Sources

No single finding tool is completely comprehensive, use several to locate the assessment tools you need.

See the Books About... page for books containing assessment tools for various topics.

Finding Tests - Print sources

General print finding aids are listed below.  Sources of topic specific assessment tools are also be listed in the subcategories on the Books about... tab.

Raynor Reference BF176 .T43 2003
Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business. 5th ed. Directory of published tests for use in psychology, education, and business. Descriptions include test title, author, intended population, major features, scoring method, cost, availability and primary publisher. Indexed by title, author, publisher/distributor index, and special populations.

Raynor Reference BF431 .G625 v.1-8
Directory of Unpublished Experimental Mental Measures.
Published periodically, each volume identifies tests in psychology, education, sociology, and business that are not commercially available but have been cited in journals and other reports.

Raynor Reference BR 176 .T418
Test Critiques.  1984-2005.
This multi-volume set contains critical reviews of frequently used assessment tools as well as the basic information tool information found in other sources.

Raynor Reference BF176.C65 2000
Commissioned reviews of 250 psychological tests.
Provides 300 reviews of tests covering most areas of psychology.

Raynor Ref. BF 698.5 .C45    Chun, K. et al.
Measures for psychological assessment: a guide to 3,000 original sources and their applications.  1975. Brief description of tool, citations to first description in literature and subsequent uses.