Old FiR English 1001 guide: Multimodal Project Resources

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Intro to the DSL and Multimodal Projects

The brief video below provides an overview of the Digital Scholarship Lab, its services, resources and space. The video also discusses 4 different types of multimodal project and software you can use to create them.

DSL Links

Digital Scholarship Lab Self-Paced Online Workshops

Want to take a deeper dive into Storyline JS, Timeline JS or how to create a podcast? The lab offers a self-paced online course with projects you can complete. Register for the course today and get started!

Image Searching and Creative Commons

Creative Commons Search is a tool that allows openly licensed and public domain images to be discovered and used by everyone.  The goal of CC is to encourage the legal sharing and modification of created works with the consent of the creator.  It allows creators and users to avoid the individual license negotiations that copyright requires. Creative Commons licenses do not replace copyright; but they are based on it. The nonprofit Creative Commons was established in 2001.

Google Images Search also allows you to limit to images with a Creative Commons license!

Video Searching and Creative Commons

Youtube allows you to filter search results to videos with a Creative Commons license.  Here's how:

  1. Do a search on the YouTube site.
  2. Click on the filter icon at the top of your results.
  3. Choose Creative Commons.