Old FiR English 1001 guide: Finding Articles

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Multidisciplinary Databases

Start searching for your anchor article in a multidisciplinary database using search terms. Once you've found a few potential articles you can look at the journal title and author identifiers to help determine what discipline it is from.

Video demo of database searching

The video below show how to search using the database Academic Search Complete from Ebsco.  The search strategies in the Ebsco interface are almost the same in the ProQuest Research Collections interface!  This includes the following:

  1. The use of the command words AND and OR
  2. The use of the asterisk as a wildcard or truncation symbol
  3. The use of limits to filter your results:  by source type, by subject, and more.

How Find it @ MU works

This video is about 4 minutes long.

Databases by Subject

Use this drop-down list to select a discipline that may relate to your research question. This will connect you to the best databases for that discipline.


Getting the Articles

You are searching in an article database, but it doesn't have the full-text:  

Click on  Findit@MU button in the article citation. Another window / tab opens with two possible options:

  • Links indicating Find it @MU may have located one or more sources for full text of the article. Click on the links and follow the trail to the article. *Look for "Full Text at..."
  • Links to search MARQCAT by the journal title or its ISSN number. The journal may be available in print or electronically through a source not searchable by Find it @MU.

Didn't find the journal using Find it @MU?  Contact your class librarian for help!

About different articles types

This short video explains that different types of articles "out there", and how and when you use them!