Old FiR English 1001 guide: Discipline Conventions

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Video from University of Washington Libraries

The following video does a brief explanation of what traditionally defines a scholarly article. Think about it in conjunction with the Librarians Podcast on "How do I know if my source is scholarly?"

Click on the cc (closed caption) icon on the lower right-hand corner of the video screen to activate closed captions.

Citation Styles - finding the manuals

Journal Abbreviations - figuring out what they mean

As you look at References/ Works Cited lists to find additional sources in direct conversation, you may notice that the journal/publication title is not fully spelled out. It is very common in the science and social science disciplines' citation styles to abbreviate journal titles. So you may see something like:

Annu. Rev. Econ

J. Bank. Finance

Evol. Hum. Behav.

Proc. Natl Acad. Sci.

In order to search for articles in publications using MARQCAT, you will need to type out journal titles. Entering abbreviated journal titles will not return accurate results.

So, what can you do?:

1) Use Google to search for the abbreviated title. Often this will be very straightforward and bring you to the journal's website.

2) Use the link below to search the journal abbreviation and find the full title of the journal. This can also be used to verify what you've found through your Google search.