Biblical Studies: Searching by Scripture References in ATLA Religion Database

Guide to help you find library resources to help with studies of the Bible.
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Video -- How to search ATLA Religion Database to search by Scripture reference

How to do a Scripture Citation Search in ATLA Religion Database

The following provides and example of how to do a Scripture Citation search in the ATLA Religion Database

1.  Click into the ATLA Religion Database.

2. At the top of the screen, mouse over More.

3.  A link to Indexes should appear when you mouse over the word More.  Click on Indexes.

4. Use the button to the right of Select to select the Scripture Citation Field.

5.  Once you have changed the Browse an index box to Scripture Citation, type in your biblical reference.  See example below:


6. Click the Browse button to see if your scripture citation is listed.

7.  The following screen shows a number of references to articles which deal with either all or a portion of your biblical references.  Click on the entries which apply to your book, chapter and verses:



Click on the ADD button to add these references to the search box and click Search.

References to articles which pertain to your scripture references should appear.

If you have questions regarding searching Scripture references in ATLA Religion Database, please contact the Raynor Library Information Desk.