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Marqcat search examples for Finding Biblical Commentaries

Finding Biblical Commentaries in Marqcat

There are several methods to find Biblical Commentaries listed in Marqcat.

The following method will address how you can find BOTH general commentaries (e.g. a commentary on the entire book of Genesis) as well as those which deal with a just portion of the book (e.g. a biblical commentary dealing solely with Genesis chapters 1-11.)

1.) Go to the Advanced Search in Marqcat

To find both general and chapter specific commentaries on the books of the Bible, go to the library home page and click on the Advanced Search link button underneath the "Search by Title" box:

2.) Select "Subject Heading"

Use the pull down menu to change the "Any Field" option to "Subject Heading" directly to the left of the first search box.

3.) Enter Search Terms

In the first search box (to the right of "Subject Heading") type Bible and commentaries and Bible Book Name

4.) View and Sort Search Results

The above search will retrieve the following commentaries on the Book of Genesis.

NOTE: You can sort your results by date so that the most recent will be listed first. In the above screen, change the Search and Sort from "sorted by relevance" to "sorted by date".

To locate only general commentaries on specific books of the Bible, please see the following short video: