Cited Reference Searching & Journal Rankings: Research Impact - Advice for Faculty and Researchers

How to locate articles and other documents that have cited a previously published document. Also how to determine where a journal is ranked in relation to others in its field.

Importance of Impact

Being able to track the impact of your research and scholarship is essential to:

  • Support applications for tenure or promotion;
  • Support funding and grant requests;
  • Quantify, and determine how research is being used;
  • Identify other researchers or institutions that are using your work; and
  • Identify other researchers, and potential collaborators, in your field

Author ID

One of the best steps to ensuring credit for your scholarly work is through Author IDs.  Several Identification systems are available and most cooperate to share information.  Register with all of the primary sites to distinguish yourself and your work from others with similar names.

Increase Visibility

Scholarly Networks

Increase your research visibility through a variety of scholarly social channels:

Document Repositories

Deposit your manuscripts in institutional and/or discipline specific repositories.  This increases findability by web search engines and provides access to interested parties world-wide.

Best Practices for Researchers

Following some basic best practices throughout your academic/research career can ensure your work gets the exposure and has the impact it deserves.  The tips at this site, while geared toward the medical field, are relevant for all disciplines: