Cited Reference Searching & Journal Rankings: Social Sciences

How to locate articles and other documents that have cited a previously published document. Also how to determine where a journal is ranked in relation to others in its field.

Why search in subject databases?

A subject database will almost always cover more journals and cover different dates in your field than does Web of Science (WoS), so it will often be possible to find additional citations. In addition, one simply can't rely on the completeness of coverage in Google Scholar.

Note: Many databases have only fairly recently begun to track citations.

Social Science Databases

The following databases provide cited reference searching:

Alt-Press Watch - Proquest Search Tips

Communication Abstracts - Proquest Search Tips

Communication & Mass Media Complete - EBSCO Search Tips

Criminal Justice Abstracts - EBSCO Search Tips

Criminal Justice Periodicals - Proquest Search Tips

ERIC - EBSCO Search Tips

JSTOR - JSTOR Search Tips

Political Science Abstracts (Worldwide) - Proquest Search Tips

ProQuest Central - Proquest Search Tips
Includes the following databases:


Accounting & Tax Periodicals

Banking Information Source

Career and technical education

Criminal Justice Periodicals

Dissertations and Theses



Research Library

Social Sciences

PsycINFO -  Ovid Search Tips

Social Services Abstracts - Proquest Search Tips

Sociological Abstracts - Proquest Search Tips

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts - Proquest Search Tips