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BBC Afrique - French language news

The BBC has web 'editions' in different languages.  For their French edition, often this means lots of North and West African news, news from former French colonies.

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Francophone Africa

Africa gets its own page (or page and a half, if you count the Middle East & North Africa page) for news sources, because it has so many Francophone countries! 

According to the International Organization of La Francophonie, there are 32 countries in Africa which have French as an official language.  And there are a couple more which also use French a significant amount, even though it is not an official language (e.g. Algeria, Egypt).

The map at right is from the Wikipedia page on Francophone Africa.  La Francophonie has a worldwide map showing the distribution of countries with significant numbers of French-speakers.

graphic showing map of Francophone Africa

Online news sites

Another subjective, not comprehensive list ... If there's a site you would like to recommend, please let me know?  On the left, there are feeds for a few of these, so you can see the headlines.

African newspapers (in French)

This is a completely subjective selection of publications, influenced strongly by the fact that quite a few African publications have no substantial web presence!  I've made no attempt whatsoever to be comprehensive ... They are organized very roughly starting with the north of the continent, and traveling south.


There are obviously more TV stations in Africa than these.  However, many do not maintain websites, or offer streaming video.  I have made no attempt at comprehensiveness.  If you know of a good station or broadcast service with a website, please let me know?

Jeune Afrique - Politique

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