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The databases below provide strong coverage of scholarly journals in the fields of language and literary studies. 

Many contain material in foreign languages, including French.  For more databases that provide access to material in French, click here.

About finding books

There are two parts to this:

  1. Finding books BY a given author
  2. Finding books ABOUT a given author or work

The MARQCAT search box below is set up so that you can start immediately with a keyword search.  This is usually a good strategy to start with, but sometimes you will need to focus the search (for example, if your author has a common name, or they've written a lot!).  Use the drop-down menu to switch to either the author search, or the subject search.

IMPORTANT:  for both author and subject searches, you need to enter the author's last or family name first, and their given name second! 

To see what a difference the type of search you use can make, here are sample searches for Saint Exupéry:



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