Advertising & Public Relations: Reference books

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Why use these books?

If you need a quick fact or statistic, try these reference books.  They all present snippets of data, or 'factoids', sometimes with some prose analysis or explanation, sometimes without. 

The books are based on consumer survey data from various sources.

New Strategist Publications

In general, this publisher has a book for each age group:  from teenagers through seniors.  But they also have one organized by product type (Best Customers).

Media Dynamics

These books will give you profiles of the users of specific media, TV, magazines, and radio.  The Consumer book gives you brief statistical profiles of consumers who buy a specific type of product or service.

ZIP Codes and other geographic information

Finding data at the ZIP code level can be difficult.  You can find some demographic data by ZIP code on the Census Bureau's FactFinder website, but it does not have consumer spending or consumer lifestyle data.  For these, you must rely on commercial publishers and their survey data.  Here are two such sources: