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Finding it

We have access to this important trade magazine a couple of different ways ... Directly from the publisher through their AdAge on Campus Program, and through content aggregators.

Finding a specific issue

➤  Use the content from either ProQuest or Ebsco; it's far easier than using

Although AdAge on Campus does provide a link to the Issue Archive, what is in the Issue Archive is not organized in such a way as to make this an easy task.  Furthermore, they only index the longer, feature articles by date, not necessarily all the shorter, news updates.  But below are instructions for finding a single issue from the publisher's

Finding articles in a single issue on

  1. Use either the ProQuest or Ebsco links to find out the publication date for a single print issue. 
  2. Click on a library link to the website (to get to the subscription, fee-based content)
  3. While looking at the "Most Recent" news section in the left margin, scroll down the Adage homepage to the link "View all latest news", and click on it. From there, you can scroll through the browse menus till you see the date of your issue.