Theology & Religious Studies: Meta Search Tools for Theology Databases

What's Meta Search?

What is a Meta-search engine?

This is a software which allows you to search a number of databases together with one interface.

To the right are three different metasearch tools for Theology databases: 

1. QuickSearch for Theology, Philosophy & Ethics

2. Theology in EBSCO

3. Google Scholar


2. Searching EBSCO Theology Databases

Search up to 5 EBSCO Theology Databases at once:

  • ATLA Religion Database
  • ATLASerials
  • New Testament Abstracts
  • Old Testament Abstracts
  • Catholic Periodical & Literature Index

Theology in EBSCO

Google Scholar Search Box

Art Work

Resurrection of Lazarus painting

Leon Bonnat, "Resurrection of Lazarus,"Musee Bonnat, Bayonne, France. (20th century), Art Museum Image Gallery.