OT Capstone Project: 8. Evaluate and determine credibility of resources

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How Do You Assess Them?

Use your critical skills to think about how to assess these resources

You're trying to determine if something is credible or authoritative--- is the information biased in some aspect?

  • Who is the audience? 
  • Who's presenting the information? Can they be trusted? How do we know (education/experience)? 
  • Where is this being published? Is this a trusted journal or organization? 
  • Do the results seem too good to be true? Can you find similar findings in other articles or places? 
  • Is this information well-researched? Is this backed by a study or just anecdotes? 
  • How recent is the data? Is that relevant? 
  • Is there a bibliography? Where is the evidence coming from? 
  • Does the method fit my project?
  • Does it fit your purpose? 
  • Are there financial considerations/bias? 

Activity: Robotic Glove Assessment

Article Evaluation Video (3:02) and Slides