OT Capstone Project: 6. Advanced Search Tips

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How to find Project Specific Research

How to cut through the noise to find relevant research: 

  • carefully curate your keyword list beyond your topic 
  • become an expert skimmer -- pay close attention to the methods section
  • make an inclusion/exclusion criteria list for yourself 
  • understand that the *perfect* articles do not exist - often you will have to make the connections


Critical to Consider When Searching

  • Publication Type
  • Keywords
  • Using MesH subheadings
  • Similar articles/Cited By
  • Keep it Broad and Loose

Keyword & Inclusion/Exclusion Ideas

What Kind of Data Are You Looking For? 

Who and Where is Your Data Coming From? 

  • Think about setting – schools, hospitals, specific depts in a hospital like ICU, at home, in a clinic?
  • Who is involved? Therapists, staff, gov’t officials, patients, family members…

Keywords for Project Specific Research

Program Development

Clinical Practical Skills




Policy Development