OT Capstone Project: 2. Lit Review Overview and Purpose

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What is a Lit Review?

A literature review summarizes the scholarly research that is available about a specific topic. Scholarly research can be articles, books, gray literature, and more. 

Through a literature review, you may discover that there is a gap in the literature -- this leads to your research question or project. 

To support your research project, you will want to find good evidence-based research. Types of publications and methodology contribute to the level of evidence. Below are basic representations of the evidence pyramid. But your literature review will contain more than just EBP research. 

Pyramid of Evidence

pyramid shape - metaanalyses, systematic reviews, and clinical guidelines at the top, then randomized controlled trials, in next band - cohort studies and narrative reports, then in next band background info and expert opinions and then animal and lab research in bottom tier

Publication Types for EBP

Primary Literature Secondary Literature
Clinical Trials Clinical Guidelines
  Systematic Reviews