Online Learning for Faculty: eBook Help

Guides to EBSCO and ProQuest e-book platforms

Below are  Word documents created by Marquette librarian Rose Trupiano about the EBSCO and ProQuest e-book platforms. These comprehensive guides outline how to: 

  • Read the e-book online 
  • How to create a ProQuest or EBSCO account (for more borrowing privileges)
  • Download or print the e-book
  • How to access e-books on a mobile device

Availability Limitations of eBooks

There are typically three Availability levels for eBooks: 

  • 1 user at a time 
  • 3 users at a time
  • unlimited access

Some eBooks can be "checked" out by one person and then are unavailable for other users. 

If you need to change the availability level of a text - please contact your librarian (subject liaison list here: Sometimes, we can upgrade to unlimited access - but this option is not always available. 

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, ProQuest is upgrading all 1-user and 3-user licenses to unlimited users until June 2020. 

You can find the availability levels in the MarqCat record - local user notes (see highlighted image below)

You can find the availability levels in the MarqCat+ record - concurrent user level (see highlighted image below)

Download and Print/Save Limitations of eBooks

eBooks may also have restrictions on the amount of material that you can access off-line. 

Download - this is a TEMPORARY download - you can download the entire text for a set number of days to read off-line. For most texts, you will need to create an account to use this option. 

Print/Save - anything that you print or save is a permanent file for you to keep. Most limit the number of pages that you can save/print (typically, about 100 pages.) Think carefully about what parts you need to access off-line when you choose to print/save pages. 

Read Online - Able to read the entire text with no limitations (requires internet access). 

Typically, the MarqCat record won't show these limitations. But once you click the "Connect to..." link, it will direct you to the database record which will have that information under "Publisher Permissions"