Online Learning for Faculty: eBooks

Where to Find Library eBooks -- MarqCat and eBook platforms

For more subject specific eBooks: We have a wide array of other vendors that offer more niche subject areas. Please see the link below that links to our e-books databases.

Where to Search for Textbooks from Publishers

Below are links to various publishers that have expanded access to eBooks. You can search in each of their platforms for your text or a substitute text. Additionally, the first link, "eTextbook Publishers," takes you to a SharePoint document from Gerry Canavan about publishers who other Marquette professors have contacted to get access to textbooks for students.

Open Access/OER Textbooks

Notes about OpenStax: 

  • For each title - there are instructor and student materials and a link to a blog post with more online resources 
  • Quality - all books are peer-reviewed 
  • Browse here for texts that have already been modified:'
  • Modified texts will be hosted by Internet Archive in 2 years. It is recommended that they are downloaded by the professor if they want to use them.
  • Currently professors are not able to modify textbooks until Fall 2020 when the system is shifting to a new editing platform (google docs)
  • Accessibility statement:
  • Blog post on their creation and editorial processes:

Notes about Open Textbook Library

  • Over 700 textbooks available 
  • Quality: "Around 60% of books in the Open Textbook Library have been reviewed. In addition, most open textbooks are reviewed during production, using systems implemented by the authors and publishers" (language from their website)
  • Most texts can be modified
  • Guide to modify texts: