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Business news in general

For the most current company news and developments, news sources are often your main resource (these have some editorial oversight, in contrast to social media sources).


ABI/Inform Collection: probably the best database for business news that we have.  But sometimes knowing about specific publications in the database is helpful, so I've created links below to a few specific publications. 

Nexis Uni: especially good for international news coverage, also linked below. But its search interface is both more powerful and rather difficult. Ask me for help with it!

Wall Street Journal

Three separate links: please make note of the differences!

International editions:

Limitations for WSJ via ProQuest

Because buying online access to the WSJ directly from the publisher Dow Jones would be considerably more expensive, we get it from the vendor ProQuest instead.  This means that there are a couple of limitations:

  1. No graphics or images:  ProQuest does not receive any graphics.
  2. Browsing versus searching.  If you're looking for an article you know appeared in today's issue, but a keyword search does not retrieve it, try browsing for it. 
    • To browse to today's issue: expand (open) the date menus below the search box!
    • Articles will appear in page order.

More information: Although ProQuest receives the articles from Dow Jones almost as soon as they are published, and they receive updates throughout the day, making the content fully searchable (indexed) can take up to 24 hours. 

Investor's Business Daily

We have access to IBD via Ebsco, with an access delay of one week.  That means no graphics or images, and the same limitations described above for WSJ apply here also.  

City business journals

Some larger cities or metro areas around the US have their own "business journals", just as there is the Milwaukee Business Journal here.  These are published by various publishers, including (formerly ACBJ), Crain's, and other publishers.  These city business journals are usually very reliable in their coverage of companies from their geographic region.

Below are links to some of them.  Again, we have access to some via the vendor ProQuest, so for these there will be no graphics/images.

About coverage: (formerly ACBJ) covers 40-50 metro areas. We only subscribe to the Milwaukee Business Journal.  On the BizJournals platform, you can search for company information in other metro areas, but you will have to request the articles via InterLibrary Loan.