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The databases below are mostly for publicly traded companies. Here are some notes on what to look for in each.

  1. Mergent Online: look for the Supply Chain reports available for US companies. They can give you a sense of the relationships between companies, with lists of suppliers, customers, partners, and more. These lists are are based on information gleaned from SEC filings, trade and news articles. Therefore the lists are definitely not complete: they will not include most private companies, nor companies where the relationship is too small (monetarily speaking) to be cited in these sources.

  2. Thomson One:  look for the analyst and market research reports in this database. Find them from the Research menu. These reports from financial and market research companies provide a third party assessment of the company, its prospects and problems. Yes, there are limitations for the database, especially related to the browser! But this content can be extremely useful, and is generally very expensive! Also in the database:

    • Company financials (easily downloadable to Excel)
    • Company SEC filings (corporate documents)

Databases for publicly traded companies