International Business: Treaties

Suggestions for international market research, and finding information about different countries.
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About finding treaties

Finding the text of a treaty (a.k.a. accord, agreement, convention, etc.) can be easy, but it can also be difficult and time-consuming (even with Google!). Here are two common situations:

  • You have a complete citation for a treaty, but haven't found the text:  use the finding aids listed below.  Note:  some are located in the Law Library ...
  • You are looking for a type of treaty or agreement:  start by looking at some of the lists and timelines (below, left).

For more guidance, read some of the research guides immediately below about treaty research! They are very helpful ...

Finding aids

The titles below will help you to find out where a treaty's text may be found, they do not usually provide the treaty text themselves!

The linked titles below are all available from the vendor HeinOnline.  They work best when you are researching a known item -- i.e. you have a full citation for the treaty!  (Forget about keyword searching ...)

Library databases

Here are some sources where keyword searching is actually possible!

Lists and timelines

Caveat emptor!!  I don't think that a comprehensive list exists yet ...