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Finding Industry Profiles

Getting started | Not as easy | International industry conditions | About MarketLine

Getting started:

Here are some sources that are easier to use.

Not as easy ...

Below are links to industry reports from individual publishers, and to databases that contain industry reports. Many of these reports are available in general business databases:  where possible, the links go directly to that content, not to a general search screen.  But where such direct linking is not possible, the links go to the main database search screen (e.g. Gartner, Passport GMID).

International industry conditions:

In addition to the three sources immediately below, you should know about MarketLine (formerly called Datamonitor), which also has good coverage of industry conditions abroad.  Be sure to read the notes below about the databases that offer it  ...

About MarketLine (formerly Datamonitor) reports:

MarketLine reports are available in two different databases, Ebsco's Business Source Premier, and Refinitiv Workspace's After Market Research module (also called AMR or Investext).  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  Here're some guidelines for the two:

  • For PDF formatting, use either Business Source Premier or Refinitiv Workspace's AMR module
  • For easier searching, use Business Source Premier
  • For the most complete collection of MarketLine industry and company content, use Refinitiv Workspace
  • Be aware that Refinitiv Workspace requires registration for an individual account

US Government Reports

Detailed Wage Information