Political Science: Blogs

Guide to Resources and Reference Assistance for Political Science
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Assessment Questions

  1. Who is the author?
  2. Political affiliation? Former affiliation?
  3. Is the blog hosted by another site?
  4. Is the blog archived?
  5. Does it have a blog roll? What is the ideology of the blogs listed?
  6. Does the blog link to other blogs? What kinds of blogs?
  7. When was it last updated?
  8. Do you have to register with the blog ot post comments?
  9. Are comments allowed?

Adapted from the work of Librarian Erik Sean Estep of East Carolina University. Thanks also to Marquette University Professor John McAdams for his suggestions.

Stand Alone Blogs

Ideologically Idiosyncratic:



Blogs of Political Journals

Blogs attached to online versions of political journals

Blogs Attached to General Publications

Page Attributions

–   Adapted from a handout created by Erik Sean Estep, North Carolina Reference Librarian at East Carolina University.
–   Thanks to Professor John McAdams of Marquette University's Political Science Department for his suggestions on blogs to include.