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About this guide

This guide was written for Dr. Kathleen Rehbein's online course. 

Below are:

Off campus access methods (authentication)

Brief description of 3 authentication methods:

  1. New Library Login (OpenAthens):  Many library resources use this method for logging in; requires no setup. When prompted, select "Marquette University Libraries (AZURE)" and then sign in using your Marquette email/password.  
  2. Library Login (legacy version):  This method is quick and requires no setup.  Just login before clicking on library database links or when prompted to do so. A few library databases will not work with it. 
  3. VPN (virtual private network): The VPN requires you to download an app onto both your cell phone and your computer. A few library databases require it for off-campus access. Outline of the steps required for the VPN:
    • Register for Duo Mobile if you haven't already (see "detailed VPN instructions" linked just below).
    • Download Duo Mobile app onto your cell phone. Allow push notifications for it.
    • Download GlobalProtect app onto your computer. Complete GlobalProtect setup on your computer.
    • Find detailed VPN instructions from ITS here.

Milwaukee News Sources

News - individual sources:

News - library databases:

Government sites:

Finding Harvard Business Review articles

Quick and easy, here are the links to print and online-only content via the vendor Ebsco. 

Note: From the HBR website, it is NOT always clear whether an article is in the official print publication, or only in the online edition. If you don't find a known article in one, just try the other. (I cannot easily create a link that allows searching in both at once, sorry.) 

The Way Out case study

The Way Out is a 2nd chance employment broker/agency.  In addition to introducing Justice-Involved job seekers to employers, it also provides training and support services.  

Local news about it:
Examples of companies hiring the Justice Involved Job Seeker:

Relevant reports and scholarly articles: