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About this guide

This guide was written for Dr. Kathleen Rehbein's online course. 

Below are:

Off campus access methods (authentication)

  • Library Login:  This method (a proxy server) is quick and easy, and requires no setup.  Just login before clicking on library links to databases. But a few databases will not work with it, and it is less reliable when there is heavy internet traffic or a slow connection.
  • VPN (virtual private network): The VPN requires you to download an app onto both your cell phone and your computer.  It is much more reliable during times of heavy internet traffic, and is well worth the necessary setup time. Outline of the steps required for the VPN:
    1. Find detailed VPN instructions from ITS here. Click on "How do I start using GlobalProtect VPN and Duo?"
    2. Register for Duo Mobile. Two ways to do that: via an email from ITS (; you can email and ask for "the VPN registration invitation email"); or if off-campus, via Office365.
    3. Download the Duo Mobile app onto your cell phone. Allow push notifications for it.
    4. Download the GlobalProtect app onto your computer.
    5. Complete GlobalProtect setup on your computer. (See step 3 instructions under "How do I start Using GlobalProtect VPN and Duo?"

Although the detailed instructions page refers you to Information Technology Services for help, at the Raynor Information Desk we can also help with some parts of the process.  Give us a call at (414) 288-7556.

Milwaukee News Sources

News - individual sources:

News - library databases:

Government sites:

Finding Harvard Business Review articles

Quick and easy, here are the links to print and online-only content via the vendor Ebsco. 

Note: From the HBR website, it is NOT always clear whether an article is in the official print publication, or only in the online edition. If you don't find a known article in one, just try the other. (I cannot easily create a link that allows searching in both at once, sorry.) 

The Way Out case study

The Way Out is a 2nd chance employment broker/agency.  In addition to introducing Justice-Involved job seekers to employers, it also provides training and support services.  

Local news about it:
Examples of companies hiring the Justice Involved Job Seeker:

Relevant reports and scholarly articles: