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Streaming Video Guide

This guide was created to provide information about streaming videos here at the Marquette University Raynor Memorial Libraries

What are Streaming Videos?

Streaming video is widely used to watch video clips and movies from the Internet on TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones. Unlike movies that are downloaded, which can be played at any time, a streamed movie is played immediately and not stored in the receiving device.

Here at the Raynor Memorial Libraries, we provide access to streaming videos, which can be used for class, research, or even entertainment. We provide access to streaming video collections through database, and also link to videos in our catalog, MARQCAT.

If you are interested in having the Library purchase an institutional license to a specific streaming video you would like to use for your course, we do that as well. 

This guide has information on how to search through our streaming collections, and how to request a streaming video.

Remote Access to Streaming Videos

Like our databases and ebooks, streaming videos can be accessed both on and off-campus.

To access a streaming video off campus, you will be prompted to enter your Marqnet credentials (used for D2L, checkmarq). Once these credentials are entered, you will have access to the streaming video.

For many of our streaming videos (Kanopy) the VPN is required to view while off-campus.

For more information about off-campus access, use the link below.