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Class Reserve FAQS

What are Class Reserve Services?

What is Class Reserves?

What is located at Class Reserve Services Desk?

What is Class Reserves?

Where do I return items?

What is Class Reserves?

How do I create and login to my ARES account?

How do I find and access my class in ARES?

Where do I check out Class Reserve items?

What is Ares and how do I use it?

What are the processing hours for Class Reserves Services?

What is the turn-around for adding items for Class Reserve?

Can I bring in my own items to put on physical Class Reserve?

Do items on Class Reserve need copyright permission?

Access Services Staff

Access Services Group: Phone: Email:


(414) 288-7555
Interlibrary Loan: (414) 288-7257
Reserves, Class: (414) 288-8802
Day Supervisors: Phone: Email:
Kerry Olivetti (414) 288-7555
Evening & Weekend
Phone: Email:
Daniel Schlitz (414) 288-7555
Kathryn Shore (414) 288-7555
Tracy Plock (414) 288-7555
Name: Phone: Email:
John Lunt (414) 288-2029
Vicki Meinecke (414) 288-2031
Katie Eigner (414) 288-2116
Name: Phone: Email:
Christine Pivonka (414) 288-8760
Kathryn Shore (414) 288-1500
Name: Phone: Email: