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Managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning, Turnitin service checks originality of authors' work.

About Turnitin Feedback Studio

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Provides a Similarity Report, which compares a student's work to a continuously updated database of:

 –   Previously submitted student papers
 –   Journal articles
 –   Accessible internet sites

Used by faculty to evaluate student work for:

 –   Academic honesty
 –   Proper citations and attribution
 –   Plagiarism

In addition to the Originality Check, Turnitin includes  Peer Review and Online Grading Components;  all are available to Marquette Faculty.

An Interface between D2L and Turnitin is available.  Students can submit papers to both D2L and Turnitin simultaneously via a D2L dropbox.

Turnitin - An Overview

Please note: even though the Grademark and Peermark functions of Turnitin are available to Marquette instructors, the University provides technical support only for the Similarity Report.


Instructors NOT Using D2L - MU Access to Turnitin

  • Contact Keven Riggle for login credentials.
    Call: (414) 288-3253
    Email: keven.riggle@marquette.edu

Questions about use of Turnitin or the Turnitin Similarity Reports

  • Contact Maria Pares-Toral in the Center for Teaching and Learning
    Call: (414) 288-5859
    Email: maria.pares-toral@marquette.edu

Technical Support From Turnitin

Be  prepared to supply:

  1. Instructor's User ID
  2. Class ID
  3. User ID of student
  4. Student Paper ID