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About This Guide

This research guide is specifically for Dr. Rehbein's International Business class working on the X-Culture market research projects. Semester: spring 2019.  

The resources in this guide are mostly pulled from other library research guides, but some links are specific to this project.  Please remember to use the other guides if these suggestions prove inadequate!  (Research guide links are below.)

Below the links to the research guides, there are some sample links to get you started on the project. 

Hiplantro – La Teresita

I've linked to a global MarketLine report on hot drinks below.  There are many more relevant MarketLine reports focusing on individual countries, too.

Use Passport too: it has a category heading for 'hot drinks', which leads to country reports and lots of data.


This company, an educational software system for combating plagiarism, is going to be one of the harder companies/industries to research.

Gartner Group reports will be the most likely best bet.  Be aware of the company/product  they are a well-known player in this field.  Search also on the broader categories of learning management systems (aka "LMS"; D2L is one example) and testing software systems.

Mary’s Poop

The difficulty in working on this company is that its product is very specialized. However, if you look at the broader market of gardening supplies, you will find some useful material.

MVP Hair