ebooks explained: Getting Started

Raynor Memorial Libraries' Ebook Collections


Raynor Memorial Libraries has hundreds of thousands of ebooks on a variety of subjects.  Most of these ebooks are findable and accessible via our library catalogs (Marqcat and Marqcat Plus.)  You can also access the ebooks by individual collections via the Ebook Collections.

You can read many of the ebooks online just using your browser on either your computer, laptop or in some cases, mobile device.  You may be able to download/print/email a number of pages (it can vary by book or publisher.)   You may also be able to download some ebooks in their entirety, but in many cases, these downloads are only temporary and require the free software Adobe Digital Editions on your machine.

Click on the following icon to view a list of  major ebook vendors and their collections detailing features and capabilities. For more information or help regarding the Libraries’ ebook collections, please contact the Raynor Library Information Desk

We have numerous ebooks from a number of providers, however, our two largest sources of ebooks are from EBSCO and Proquest.  Each of these two vendors has their own software interface.  Below are instructions on how to access and use the EBSCO ebooks followed by how to access and use Proquest Central (Ebrary) ebooks.

About ebooks in general

The library has purchased ebooks from several sources. 

Two primary ebook platforms:
  • ProQuest Ebook Central  Can be read online without an account or downloading.  To checkout, create an Ebook Central account.  For download/checkout create accounts with Ebook Central and Adobe ID. An account is needed to take notes and highlight. You may also download titles to your mobile device.  It requires the BlueFire Reader application with an Adobe ID.
  • EBSCO ebooks  Can be read online without an account, checking out or downloading.  To keep access to the book, create an EBSCOhost account and then check it out.   For downloading create an Adobe ID account.  There is an EBSCO eBooks application to search and download titles.
For all platforms:
  • Viewing vs. Downloading:  "Viewing" means reading the ebook online via your browser.  "Downloading" the ebook means just that, downloading the ebook to your own device; this allows you to read the ebook offline.
  • Downloading an ebook requires two things: 
    1. Adobe Digital Editions on your own computer,
    2. An Adobe ID.
    Adobe Digital editions is a free software that manages checkouts, downloads, loans and returns as well as the ability to transfer the ebook to your mobile device.
  • Each platform determines viewing and checkout period as well as how the title is accessed, number of pages allowed for printing, and checking out/downloading process.

Raynor Memorial Libraries purchases individual ebook titles, ebook collections and subscription to collections from many sources.  See the Ebook Collections page for a full list of ebook subscriptions and collections. In general, downloading is not allowed for subscription ebooks.