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About this guide

This guide is for Dr. Wolburg's COMM 2500 course in fall 2020.  Use it to work on the literature review addressing one of the five questions below:

  1. Choose a single issue, such as global warming, immigration, higher incidence of suicide, etc.   What is the role of the media in shaping audience members' understanding  of that issue?  (This is not limited to news sources -- you can consider the role of movies, TV, drama, etc.)
  2. What strategies are performing arts organizations using to attract audiences to their venues?  How do they compete with other entertainment sources such as movies, concerts, etc.?
  3. Over the last 10 years, how has technology changed the way professionals in communication do their work? (Choose any one profession such as advertising or journalism rather than trying to cover changes across all professions in communication.  Also, try to focus on one aspect of technology, such as changes in smartphone usage, growth of video-on-demand services, or use of social media rather than addressing all forms of technology.)
  4. What are challenges of managing small groups in multicultural teams within an organization?
  5. What are some ethical dilemmas that communication professionals face in their everyday work?  (Again, you can limit this to one area of communication.)

Online reference collections

Start with one of these online collections of reference books.  each contains multiple reference books covering diverse topics.

Sample encyclopedia articles

Here are sample encyclopedia articles which may be relevant to the topics assigned.