MBA 6130 - Corporate Social Responsibility: Topic Starting Points

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What's on this page

This page has resources to get you started on the specific topics you've chosen.  Use the links in the table of contents area (left margin) to go to specific topics.

Data for DEI

Below are some resources for national data.  Often, you may be better off downloading the data into a spreadsheet, where you'll be able to filter, sort, and analyze that data more easily.

Here are some examples of how you might use the downloaded BLS data in particular:

  1. Search in column A for the rows on "healthcare practitioners and technical occupations" and "healthcare support occupations". They will allow you to identify and work with only those data.
  2. Search in column A for the row on "production occupations" and work with those data.
  3. Search in column A for the row on "food preparation and serving related occupations" and work with those data.

DEI in higher education

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

For current news and developments, search in the Chronicle of Higher Education which is the main trade publication for this industry.  Notice that there are two links below: we have a subscription to it directly from the publisher, and via ProQuest.  The ProQuest search engine is far better than that of the publisher!

Sources for statistics and data:
Diversity Equity and Inclusion at MU:

DEI in healthcare

This is a long-standing concern and problem. Here are some articles about it.

Renewable energy

Below are a variety of things:  a market research report on the renewable energy industry (Fitch Solutions); the 2020 results of a survey done by Johnson Controls of energy and management executives; a link to CEBA, a clean energy buying cooperative, and more.

There's also a link to a big trade publication for the HVAC industry. You can search in this publication for news articles profiling companies/organizations trying to use renewable energy.

Supply chain and climate chain

There is a lot of material for this topic out there!  I strongly recommend figuring out a way to focus.  For example:

  • A specific industry or supply chain
  • A specific company, if perhaps you have some contacts inside the company.  Alternatively, focus on a major big name company for which there is a lot published.  
  • Consider focusing on carbon offsets; there are companies 'out there' who sell them. 

For general article searching, use both ABI-Inform Global and Emerald Insight.  I've also linked to an open access, scholarly journal that is directly on topic.